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Pricing of artworks - Agsui Informations

Price pricing in art works - Agsui Informations


How can I do a price for a painting? For Freelance artists, shops, agencies, galleries, costumers


Artworks: Which factors will determine the fair price for a handmade painting or a sculpture in the merkat


Price for artists who never have been decreased

  • There in no special offer
  • The artworks will never be in galleries or in internet and they will never be seen with price tags
  • The artists artworks always will have the same rules, same size, independent from the work quality done (you can ask about it)
  •     You can appreciate in the works offered that they are handmade by artists: one real handmade paintings by an artist only once in the world and represented and supplied bz UNIKAT, that means that it will not be oferred for sale twice, like sometimes they are sold as it is often just offered on the Internet. ( still 5 or other sizes - is a hand-painted oil painting but not unique!
  • An artist never can draw exactly the same, or for example with the mix of colours or they can not do the same sculpture.
  • Sometimes we can listen that a line is not art. But a stroke or a small point is not art for the freedom artistic eyes too.

 Rules for calculate the price for a handicraft, in this case, a painting

  • Height + width  (each one in cm) x personal multiplicator in rule x 4 – 10 is the selling  price
  • + Canvas, material
  • + Frame
  • The name of the artist (e.g., Monalisa, Picasso)

 ( Personal multiplicator) for example, + the formation of the artist

  • +  Until each 50% for agencies, galleries, shops


  An artist will can have other rules – The calculation of the selling price can depend on the work time, material costs and the name of the artist is a point of reference too


  An example:


 Papier for artists work Din A 4: 60 + 80 x Factor 5 = 700 - Euro

 Panels from the same artists, oil or acrilic on flax 60 +80 x Factor 15 = 1260 Euro

  It is interesting see the a pages length when the flax is doble.

 Panel format/oil on flax 70 +80 x Factor 15 = 2250 Euro ( doble price for doble flax too)


 This example shows that for a price for a painting, the length will determine and not the area, and it will be duplicate for a painting price, the area from a small image. Can be look expansive, especially if they are hang side by side.

How the invoice shows, the distribuition costs is add. This is not a fixed price, especially a personal multiplicator (Factor) This is not fixed and the results change with the artist education formation, awards and grants. The  galleries of these artists/ Young Art  location will be determine the Art Merkat and the Market demand.


What a Buyer should note:

Difference between handmade (Hand painted) originals - unique - pressure

1. Unique

A unique is an individual product of a work, example also made to measure in the fashion industry. A unique you will find only 1x in 1 size, color .... offered.

Unique differ significantly in price and are more expensive.


Handmade (Hand-painted) is not equal to one of a kind!

  • now called qualitee - certificated, an industrially manufacturable, or in the quality and design not comparable product made from artisan activities
  • Historically, a production without or minor contribution from machines
  • It also duplicates in different sizes, colors are produced

3. Original

Originals are required for the production of printed editions. It colors duplicates in different sizes, made

4. Pressure

Prints are purely photocopied machined from a "stock". Mass production (imprints) in all common sizes