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Biography Miller Manuela


Manuela Miller

Born in Salzburg October 1959, Academic High School and language courses in Salzburg and abroad, many years working as foreign language secretary and translator, mainly in Austria. Various stays abroad and private painting studies in Salzburg and abroad.

Artistic training:

1988: first paintings, spontaneous lacquer paintings

1993: intensive self-tuition for oil painting, colour- and drawing studies, development of own technique for oil painting, creating a variety of oil paintings.

1993: Course for drawings at Art Studio, Salzburg

1995: Course for graphic design at adult education centre VHS, Salzburg

1995:further autodidactic education for oil painting and drawings,    watercolour and composition with oil pastels, course for watercolour at painting school Mondsee, Austria.          

1998:subsequent autodidactic education, involvement with different artists    of 1850 until 20th century, study of biographies and theories of    colours.     

Stays abroad:

Great Britain, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, USA


1993: Group exhibition in Hallein near Salzburg

1994: Solo exhibition  Medical Chamber, Salzburg

1999: Solo exhibition Social Security Chamber for business, industry and         trade, Salzburg

2002/2003: Exhibitions in Artisan house Oberndorf/Salzburg and four     further exhibiton venues

2003: Solo exhibiton in Gallery Raiffeisen Bank in Anif/Salzburg

2008: Solo exhibition in Rooms of Residents Service Salzburg/Aigen & Parsch