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Contract Painting - Templates Painting



The handmade paintings with genuine, high quality oil or acrylic colors are according to your specifications as Reproductions of famous old artist, portait painting from photos on high-quality screens (cotton or linen) painted in the best quality. Our artists work traditionally done by hand - stroke by stroke with brush, spray and other techniques. Professional, experienced artists who know their craft and master the art of the "old masters" - painting for you "famous, famous works of ancient artists" Your reproduce and even after your templates Photo Portaits e.g. children photos, family pictures, class pictures, animal photos ..... to the canvas. Please not expect your acrylic or oil painting matches 100% with your original image. You buy a hand painted from original paintings and no art forgery.


The Contract painting - Each template paintings, each painting reproduction is an individual product is unique - an original of outstanding quality. All acrylic or oil painting without picture frame Supplier in your request - Dimension delivered (which reduces shipping costs significantly) and can then be framed.

The paintings, ordered until you finish your written commitment free estimate from our artists - Because not on any proposed the time, size is to evaluate the same, after a free early.

Details and color can and will deviate from the submission of the reproduction of the original.

Proposals for paintings reproductions of famous painters


Leonardo Da Vinci

Claude Monet

Gustav Klimt

Vincent van Gogh

Jean-Étienne Liotard

Paul Klee

Albrecht Duerrer

Pablo Picasso

Rembrandt van Rijn


Pablo Picasso



Since your paintings is just for YOU repainted by hand, it can take depending on the paintings up to 1-4 months until they can be delivered. Please remember, it is a commissioned painting and not immediately purchase a painting, the color and the final varnish must dry before shipping.


Please send us your template and your desired size, we will send you your free estimate within 7 days. The cost estimate is of course free. email: info@agsui.com