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Agsui Certificate

Agsui Certificate





  Certificate for Paittings - Crafts; Handmade - original ( Unique ) single production

  Certificate for Paintings - Crafts; Handmade

  Certificate for digitale images; Original ( Unique ) single production

Agusi certificates are provided with ID number of the product and date provided


What a Buyer should pay:

Difference between handmade - unique ( Original )

  1. Products which were prepared by hand, not unique must equal represent!

Therefore, these are significantly cheaper in price, because they are copied in other sizes by various techniques and painted or reproduced, as in China, for example, is custom.

Certificates: Handmade

  1. Products through by handmade, original - are expelled unique, are pure handmade custom-made and are basically only available in 1 size for sale - A unique! These are priced significantly more expensive.

Certificates: Handmade, unique or handmade, original and is provided with ID number and date

  1. Pressure

These products are purely mechanically photocopied from an "original". Cheap mass production (imprints) in all common sizes