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Conditions of Use

General Standard Terms and Conditions

For the business relationship between www.art-gallery-shop-unique.com and  www.agsui.com - referred to as "AGSUI" (after "AGSUI under Silvia Stadler ") and the purchaser / customer of the online store are only the following general terms and conditions valid. Deviating terms and conditions of the customer are not recognized by AGSUI, unless AGSUI has expressly agreed by written confirmation.

AGSUI sells unique items (unique specimen), paintings, sculptures from international artists which were made by hand in a variety of materials, as well as digitized images which were created for a photo artwork. As well as the digital images / photos are UNIQUE and will be allocated with a Royalty-free ID number free for private and commercial use.

Agsui sold UNIQUE of foreign companies , our so-called AGSUI partners , listed under ( AGSUI Partner ) from different countries . For the products , shipping , taxation , liability , the respective Agsui partner is responsible . The customer is obliged to complete after receipt of the products a small Feebback form , so that our partners can maintain its payout .

________ ______________________


The effective prices are shown at the time of each order from AGSUI. The prices incl. Spanish VAT 21%. The prices are to be paid in advance before receiving the goods. They apply for the entire inland and abroad plus the stated prices which are calculated for shipping and packaging. The starting package for the domestic amounts to € 4,45 € 20.00 for non-residents.

Since the products of serious sizes, weight, packaging material and Area Associations, as well as downloads differ, they can not be calculated in a shop system at the same time. Therefore you will get a specially designated account in accordance inside for packaging and shipping, if this increases € 4,45 in inland (Spain), and € 20.00 abroad.

Clearence charges are chargeable by the customer. Please inform yourself before buying about possible clearence charges. For download products the packaging and shipment charges are free.

Our Agsui partners , apply the same delivery as Agsui , please note here the Location - dispatch 
In Download product packaging and shipping prices omitted .

Download products that have been set as of 08.01.2015 , ( New item numbers Agsui - F or M ) are available now in the price in 3 popular formats : JGG , png, gif , other formats and sizes can against a handling charge of € 2.00 per email be ordered order@agsui.com .

Free Download products , o , oo € can not be ordered in other formats or sizes .

Commercial and industrial supplier : Please note resale (eg production of posters, textile ... mass production of products download our license agreements with questions please contact : info@agsui.com



Registration and Membership

To buy products, the customer must register in the AGSUI Shop on the web page www.kunst-galerie-shop-unikate.com,. The information must be truthful. The customer must complete the registration form once offered on the website and submit it.

A contract for the membership is valid once the customer has received a confirmation by e-mail to confirm the membership of AGSUI (www.art-gallery-shop-unique.com). AGSUI reserves the right to refuse the registration of the member without giving a reason.

Membership is free and under no obligation to order.


Duration of membership, termination and cancellation of the account. The membership is unlimited. The account may be terminated at any time without notice by the customer via e-mail to info@agsui.com or by AGSUI.

AGSUI (kunst-galerie-shop-unikate) shows the customer the termination of the Membership Agreement by e-mail. The customer's account is then deleted irrevocably without further warning.


Conclusion of the sales contract

Your order represents for us a contract of the ordered goods. At this range you are bound, unless you cancel the order within 24 hours in writing via email. In this case you get from us a confirmation of your cancellation. When you place orders through our online shop, you will receive an email confirming receipt of the order and the details of the goods ordered (order confirmation).

This order confirmation does not constitute acceptance of your offer, but serves solely for your information. A contract is in any case only be concluded when we accept within the time limit of 24 hours, either your order in writing or in text form or we ship the product to you.


Preview images

The free preview images do not include right to use and are protected with a watermark and not intended for a download. Piracy will be prosecuted.


License Agreement for download photos / images

This agreement materialize between the customer and AGSUI with each successful order (by payment)..

The customer accepts with the order of the images / photos the following license conditions.



AGSUI grants the Customer a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use the images / photos in accordance with the following terms and limitations. All other rights, including the exclusive copyrights remain with AGSUI. The customer gets a product ID, which allows him to use his images / photos privately and commercially.

Other affected rights as those depicted persons, trademarks, art, buildings, inter alia, must be responsibly clarified and obtained by the purchaser for the intended purpose of use. Further uses must be purchased separately.


Licence for download photos / images

The right to use the photo can be passed, unless the transfer is made within the framework of the implementation of a customer project. Repeated use in projects of different customers is permitted with the ID number.

The customer may transfer the files in the context of necessary conventional operations to a third party (such as a printer) that are integrated into the manufacturing process, and without whom the production would not be possible. These third parties and any subcontractors have no further right to use the work, and may not extract or use the transmitted files for other purposes. The customer is responsible to AGSUI for compliance with these regulations by the respective third parties / subcontractors.

The digitized images and photographic works can be modified by the customer for its intended use.

Not allowed are changes that distort the original image statement in that way taht AGSUI or the photographer or photo artist suffer personal disadvantages such as disparagement, as well as amendments which are restricted or prohibited by other rights (moral rights, trademark, etc.). In these cases the copyright holder's express consent must be obtained.

To be noted:

It is not allowed to copy the photos / images for resale, as well as the rental of the photos / images, here for a further chargeable written license Contract must be completed. The cost of the pictures or photos depend on the height of the copying. Request by email to: order@agsui.com .


Limitation of the duration of use by download licenses

There is no time limit for downloading images / photos.


Copyright attribution

The images / photos are protected by copyright. The mention of the author © AGSUI when using the images / photos is welcome but not mandatory. In no case, however, may be raised intentionally or negligently in an image / photo of AGSUI the impression that use of the content is free of any rights of another.



AGSUI ensures the technical correctness of the image data. Due to incorrect image data, no further claim may be asserted, except that the image data will be replaced free of charge or a maximum of the purchase price paid will be refunded. AGSUI can not be held responsible, if the data are defective as a result of modifications of the buyer. Complaints are possible only within 3 days from the transaction date. Later, the delivery shall in every case be deemed approved.

Agsui assumes no liability to the customer and our partners Agsui .
The Agsui Partner is responsible for its products , the shipment and its taxation of its products .


Delivery and Ordering

Products for the shipping (paintings, sculptures)

The entire domestic and international shipping is made by the shipping service in Alicante (Spain)??. Orders can be placed directly from the online store. Of course Information about the product can be given in advance by phone. Paintings and sculptures can be inspected in house if you send an email request asking for an appointment.

Paintings and Skupturs can email request include spot against forward.


Delivery: Download of the digital photos (images)

The delivery of the photos / images occur by download, which can be started after payment.

The customer receives the image / photo in the resolution and file size displayed in the order process. The customer is committed to make the necessary ordering and payment information complete and correct. Delivery is at buyer's risk.

AGSUI assumes no responsibility for technical problems that lie on the part of the customer. If delivery is delayed - for example, due to technical problems on the part of AGSUI - AGSUI is to put in writing a reasonable extension. Due to technical problems, the image / photo can also be sent by email to download. Digital images can also be created in other formats or sizes and delivered via email to a handling charge. To do so, send us an email to: download@agsui.com with details of the requested size, format, and item number.



After ordering and paying, the customer has 14 days during the option under "My Account" to download the licensed images and store on its hard drive. An image can be downloaded during this time a maximum of 10 times. As the pictures / photos - unique can only be sold one time, and are provided with an ID number, they can be used privately as well as commercialy. Digital images can be ordered by e-mail at an additional cost in other sizes.


Order Process

Multiple equal orders can not be accepted due to the shop sells only UNIQUE (Original ). Please check the accuracy of the product and your information before dispatch your order. You have given the opportunity to go back in your shopping cart at any point your order and to correct any incorrect entries, or to delete when you use our online stores before dispatch of the order. We gladly answer your questions by e-mail at order@agsui.com.



AGSUI assumes no liability to the customer as well as to manufacturers of commercial products. The international artists have made ??their own unique by their own hand. The customer gets a product ID (copyright) and is responsible to demand copied photos, paintings and sculptures.

AGSUI accepts no liability for the representation of manufacturers or designers of commercial products (such as automobiles, trademarked or proprietary design clothes, pictures of logos, etc.). art-gallery-shop-unicate.com therefore makes no corresponding rights and can not leave guarantees respect to use of such representations, names, trademarks, trade goods and patented or registered designs or works of art or architecture that occur in images.

Before using the representation the customer has to clarify the relevant third party rights. If the customer do not receive said third party rights and therefore he can not use an image AGSUI refunds to the customer the purchase price. AGSUI is not liable for viruses, Trojans which have been transmitted by way of third in the shop system.


Liability of the Customer

The customer guarantees use in accordance with legal provisions and these Terms and Conditions. He holds AGSUI of any third party claims which follow from the use of the products harmless. The Customer shall ensure that the use of the products does not infringe any rights of third parties and will take full liability of the infringement as competition rights, personal or trademark rights.


Deals, rescission from the contract

Offers to customers, are subject to change, as long as the customer has not explicitly approved. In addition, we are entitled even after the contract to cancel it, if our power is permanently impossible due to circunstances we can not cover for, such as in the case of force majeure or transport damage. Liability for damage in transit will take over the shipping company itself. Already received services, we will refund immediately.


Product specifications, deviations from the order

Our informations and product descriptions mean in case of doubt no acceptance of a guarantee. The assumption of a warranty is ??solely made by express written or ducted in text form declaration. The pictured or described products in our online shop can be subject to changes, such as color differences or sizes in mm or cm.

Customary deviations remain reserved in any case - please note they are UNIQUE. Despite careful stocking it may happen that a product is sold out faster than expected. We therefore do not guarantee delivery. The following applies: Only while stocks last, in the case, if the desired product is sold, it may no longer be ordered. If you send us a a written request in this case we would be to provide a Similar Product. However, we can not always give a date directly.


Minimum order value

is 4,90 €.


Shipping costs

AGSUI determine shipping

Packaging + Shipping

We ship customer friendly by Packlink.es



National up to 14,00 €

International up to 21,00 € 

Shipping and packing will be charged plus the shown prices. The starting package for the inland amounts to € 14,00 and € 21.00 abroad. Since the products vary greatly between sizes, weight, packaging material and assignments for the foreign countries, this can not be calculated in a shop system at the same time. Therefore you will get a specially designated invoice in accordance inside for packaging and shipping, if this increases € 14,00 in inland - Spain, and € 21.00 abroad.


Clearance Charges have to be paid by the customer. Please inform yourself before buying about clearence and shipping charges, based on the size and weight at DHL, or other service providers.


For download products, packaging and shipping fee is free.


For certain product groups, the following conditions apply:

Paintings with or without stretcher, on linen or other materials

Sculptures, sizes from 40 cm


The delivery times are within Spain about 3 -14 working days, depending on the product, packaging needs. For orders within Europe, the delivery time is about 10 days to 6 weeks. Overseas orders such as USA, China ... can be up to 12 weeks delivery time. Unfortunately, the long shipping time is not only the transport company, but also at customs.


For stretcher in oversize, glass, paintings on canvas without stretcher bars which will be transported in a roll and sculptures will be charged additionally special packaging. The calculation is based on the size and type of material.


The transport costs are generally paid by the customer. As soon as the shipping costs are higher than the specified package, there will be delivered a separate invoice. The invoice must be remitted within 3 days and not later than in 5 days received from us!


Please note that due to EDP-technical reasons that special packaging and special sizes can not be listed on your automatically generated Shop order confirmation. We thank you for your understanding.



Paintings and sculptures, Crafts

Deliveries will be made from the date of the whole payment. Please note, however, that in case of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, snow and ice, as well as an above-average orders the supply of our delivery services or the delivery time may delay accordingly. Deliveries are usually made by parcel services like DHL, TNT. These deliver in Spain also Saturdays, in Germany only on weekdays, and leave in the absence of the buyer a message to arrange a redelivery. For delivery by haulage companies you will to be notified usually before delivery in order to agree a deliery date. Please note that haulage companies deliver usually only up to the house.


Download products

Digital images / photos can be downloaded immediately after receipt, or sent by email.


Terms of payment

We offer as payment method: bank transfer, instant transfer, credit card payment, Paypal. The credit card charge is based on execution of the delivery on pre-authorized base.


Shipping abroad

The shipping and transportation costs are generally paid by the buyer and you will be informed with the proforma invoice, which must be paid in advance.


Damage of the shipment

The customer is obliged to check before taking delivery, whether the content and the amount is correct and complete and there is any external damage. Transport damages must be acknowledged in this case, immediately on the receipt of the haulage contractor. Otherwise, the carrier makes no compensatory damages.

Customers who are not consumers, have to provide Claims for transport damage to the carrier (the carrier, haulage contractor, mail) from the receiver. You can infer other important information refering to the sending from the supplied red information letter. However, we also ask customers who have placed an order as a consumer to complain about faults of the consignment including damage as soon as possible. AGSUI undertakes no liability in case of transport damages.


Legal Right of Return

For consumers within the meaning of the Civil Code, there is no refund policy in artistic works in Spain. A Return is only accepted by prior arrangement done by our part (grace reasons, and massive deficiencies) in case of transport damages, lost goods the shipping organization, such as DHL, or other shipping companies are responsible, as we ship the goods insured and by registered mail in all countries.


Return of goods

If you stayed within your right to return or need to return due to defects or want, we ask you to inform us in advance. The non-free returns incurs high costs, and is charged to you..


Retention of title

Until full payment the goods remain our property. If the customer is an entrepreneur i.S.v. § 14 BGB, we reserve title to the goods until full settlement of all claims from the current business relationship. When connecting and mixing of the goods we acquire co-ownership of the new item in proportion to the purchase price of the goods to the processed objects at the time of processing. We undertake to release the securities due to us upon request, in case that the realizable value of our securities exceeds the secured claims by more than 10%. The choice of the securities to be released is ours.



If we grant you a seller warranty, the details result in the warranty conditions, which are attached to the respective item. Warranty claims are without prejudice to the legal claims / rights. If the purchaser takes goods as an entrepreneur i.S.v. § 14 BGB, the warranty period is one year from delivery. This period also applies to claims for compensation for consequential damages, unless tort claims are asserted. Moreover, the statutory limitation period applies.



It is not allowed to distribute on www.agsui.com, www.agsui.com, www.art-gallery-shop-unique.com and www.kunst-galerie-shop-unikate.com viruses, Trojan horses or other harmful data / files and / or content. The use of agsui is illegal where technical devices are to be feared damage which could be done to the site.


Information of a technical nature

The processing of the products supplied is by us in good faith, but generally without their own testing and not exhaustive.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Spanish law applies to the interpretation of this Agreement and any disputes arising from this contract. Place of performance and jurisdiction for all types of proceedings is - indication of any other mandatory jurisdiction - Alicante.


Other provisions

Change the Conditions

AGSUI has the right to change the contents of these terms at any time. AGSUI will inform the customer at least 2 weeks prior according to the change on the online shop or website.



AGSUI takes the protection of personal and confidential information very seriously and is committed to respect the privacy of the customer. The handling of the personal data of the user is carried out in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), the Telemedia Act (TMG) and other statutory data protection provisions.

All data collected during the registration process (inventory data), and that arise during the usage data (transaction data) are therefore collected, stored and used exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling the contract and for the purpose of billing, unless beyond the express consent of the customer to use further is present.

Personal data is collected when you register; they are collected for identification and billing purposes. Necessary data for the transaction will be saved. Stored data will be passed only to the extent of the business necessities to third parties (eg payment).

AGSUI does not receive confidential credit card information or the like. AGSUI receives from the payment processing providers the information that the transaction was successful. A further warranty - especially compensation claims - is not provided by AGSUI.

Copyright © 2014 The rights to all the text, graphics and images / photos to our online shop and website www.agsui.com, www.art-gallery-shop-unique.com and are www.kunst-galerie-shop-unikate.com are exclusively at AGSUI or our partners. The copy of the shop and the website content, in whole, is not permitted.

Disclaimer: Despite careful control we assume no liability for the content of external links. For the content of linked pages their operators are exclusively responsible.


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